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From lions and butterflies to sharks and spiders, there’s an animal for everyone in this animal encyclopedia with a twist!

With stunning photography and gorgeous illustrations, this animal encyclopedia explores the wildlife of the world, from the most massive whales to the smallest insects. Which one is your new favorite?

This animal book for children will delight and inspire kids who love animals. They will discover incredible facts and fascinating stories about their favorite animals and some they have never heard of! Find out why the slow-motion sloth is so sluggish and how the plodding pangolin protects itself from predators, and more!

Throughout the book, each specially chosen animal is revealed in stunning photos and gorgeous illustrations. Kids will be intrigued by all the small, exciting details. The animal factbook also explores some of the stories and mysterious myths surrounding their favorite beasts.

Curious kids can pour over the index, which is packed with reference information, including the size and location of each species, and a tree of life shows how the animal groups are connected. Find the animals that interest you and uncover new favorite along the way.

Discover Incredible Facts and Fascinating Stories

This animal encyclopedia contains over 100 creatures. Beautiful illustrations with storybook elements will bring the animal kingdom to life. This educational book is perfect for kids to read by themselves or together with their parents as a bedtime story.

With gold foil elements on the cover, gilded edges, and a ribbon to keep your place. This beautiful modern book is the perfect gift for children who love wildlife and nature.

Inside the pages of this anthology, you’ll find:

    Storybook descriptions of intriguing animals such as a viscacha, quokka, and a slow loris.
    Discover amazing facts like why the sloth is so slow.
    Stories and myths surrounding your favorite animals.

From the Publisher

anthology of intriguing animalsanthology of intriguing animals

anthology of intriguing animals

anthology of intriguing animals

anthology of intriguing animals

anthology of intriguing animals

anthology of intriguing animals

anthology of intriguing animals

A Book to Treasure

With a shimmering gold and teal cover, gold-edged pages, and a ribbon bookmark, An Anthology of Intriguing Animals will quickly become a cherished addition to any bookshelf.

Bedtime and Beyond

The perfect alternative bedtime book. Work your way through the sizable animal kingdom, from gargantuan whales and elephants all the way down to tiny beetles and bugs.

The Wonders of Nature

Once you’ve discovered An Anthology of Intriguing Animals, dive into the companion book, The Wonders of Nature, where you will see more than 100 remarkable items from the natural world including rocks and minerals, microscopic life, and plants, as well as even more animals.


Will Gater

Ben Hoare

Ben Hoare


100 objects from throughout the universe, arranged from closest to our planet to furthest away

More than 100 remarkable items from the natural world, from microscopic life to plants and animals

More than 100 animals in close-up detail, arranged from biggest to smallest

Ideal for bedtime reading

Gilded edges and a ribbon bookmark

Features gorgeous illustrations and stunning photography

DK Publishing Anthology of Intriguing AnimalsDK Publishing Anthology of Intriguing Animals

Publisher‏:‎DK Children; Illustrated edition (October 2, 2018)
Hardcover‏:‎224 pages
Reading age‏:‎7 – 10 years
Lexile measure‏:‎IG910L
Grade level‏:‎2 – 5
Item Weight‏:‎2.94 pounds
Dimensions‏:‎8.75 x 1.12 x 11.13 inches
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