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Even beginners can make their own fermented foods! This easy-to-follow comprehensive guide presents more than 120 recipes for fermenting 64 different vegetables and herbs. Learn the basics of making kimchi, sauerkraut, and pickles, and then refine your technique as you expand your repertoire to include curried golden beets, pickled green coriander, and carrot kraut. With a variety of creative and healthy recipes, many of which can be made in batches as small as one pint, you’ll enjoy this fun and delicious way to preserve and eat your vegetables.

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Fermented VegetablesFermented Vegetables

Fermented Vegetables Mastering the basicsFermented Vegetables Mastering the basics

A Comprehensive Guide to Fermentation

MASTERING THE BASICS: Kraut, Condiments, Pickles, & Kimchi

A clear understanding of the fermentation process is the key to success. Step-by-step directions guide you through the ins and outs of lacto-fermentation, from brine and salt to techniques and seasoning.


Learn how over 60 different vegetables and herbs perform in the crock. A range of recipes, suggestions, tips, and advice accompanies each vegetable.


Fermented foods can be used in meals and beverages. Recipes include Smoky Kraut Quiche, Tempeh Reuben, Pickle in a Blanket, Kimchi Mary, and Sauerkraut Coconut Macaroons.


The Science behind Fermenting

Tools of the Trade

Storage and Troubleshooting

Fermentation Recipes for Each Vegetable

Unique Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, and Cocktails

With new ideas to inspire even more unique creations in your own kitchen, what will you ferment next?

Fermented Vegetables Technique

Fermented Vegetables Technique

Fermented Vegetables Kimchi

Fermented Vegetables Kimchi

Fermented Vegetables

Fermented Vegetables

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