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Philly’s best Italian bread? Wit or witout? Why do we really call it gravy, not sauce? Gumshoe and cheesesteak connoisseur Mason Hall has the answers. Join him, as he teams up with his spirited and vehement wife, Stevie, to find an old pal gone missing. Discreet Denial is a pre-millennium journey through Philly’s mob underworld, thriving drug culture, and flamboyant gay district. As Mason struggles through this maze where friends are enemies, loyal associates are branded, the guilty are innocent, and reputations don’t always speak for themselves, a potentially more important battle is brewing. The occupation that drives him is tearing his marriage apart and Stevie is slipping further and further away. Using every trick in his bag, any smart remark he can think up, even a cannoli bribe, all while looking death in the face, Mason now must realize the one person he’s hurt the most is the only person he can depend on. Will she come through without a guarantee, or leave Mason with the hardest choice of his life: the career he loves or the woman who loves him?
Marlowe’s hard-boiled wisecrackery, Spade’s mischievous determination, and Spenser’s tough guy romanticism, all in one unique detective, Mason’s Philly, circa 1998, brings a distinct Philadelphia flavor and zing that can only be seen through the author’s eyes. The history lessons, décor, sports memories, flashback tours – even signature foods and restaurants – from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s will satisfy everyone’s craving for Old World style South Philly as readers hungry for nostalgia relive the neighborhoods, jargon and traditions of Mason’s contemporaries and his youth. You can almost taste the fresh mozzarella and smell the gravy cooking.

Publisher‏:‎Kevin Sommerer (October 6, 2021)
Paperback‏:‎302 pages
Item Weight‏:‎1.15 pounds
Dimensions‏:‎6 x 0.76 x 9 inches
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