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This deluxe edition brings to life the letters exchanged among Jane Austen’s characters in Pride and Prejudice.

Glassine pockets placed throughout the book contain removable replicas of 19 letters from the story.

These powerful epistles include Lydia’s announcement of her elopement, Mr. Collins’s obsequious missives, and of course Darcy’s painfully honest letter to Elizabeth.

• Nothing captures Jane Austen’s vivid emotion and keen wit better than her characters’ correspondence.
• Each letter is re-created with gorgeous calligraphy.
• Letters are hand-folded with painstaking attention to historical detail.

Perusing the letters will transport readers straight to the drawing room at Netherfield or the breakfast table at Longbourn.

For anyone who loves Austen, and for anyone who still cherishes the joy of letter writing, this book illuminates a favorite story in a whole new way.

• Step inside the world of Pride and Prejudice, one of the most beloved novels of all time.
• Great Mother’s Day, birthday, or holiday gift for diehard Jane Austen fans
• A visually gorgeous book that will be at home on the shelf or on the coffee table
• Add it to the shelf with books like What Would Jane Do?: Quips and Wisdom from Jane Austen by Potter Gift, Jane-a-Day: 5 Year Journal with 365 Witticisms by Jane Austen Edition by Potter Gift, and The Real Jane Austen: A Life in Small Things by Paula Byrne.

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pride and prejudicepride and prejudice

This book will illuminate a favorite story in a whole new way.

pride and prejudicepride and prejudice

Nothing captures the keen wit and vivid emotion of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice better than her characters’ correspondence.

This deluxe editions pays homage to the power of these epistles, featuring replicas of all 19 significant letters in the story.

pride and prejudicepride and prejudice

pride and prejudicepride and prejudice

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Publisher‏:‎Chronicle Books (September 15, 2020)
Hardcover‏:‎240 pages
Lexile measure‏:‎700L
Item Weight‏:‎1.76 pounds
Dimensions‏:‎7.85 x 1.6 x 9.35 inches
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