Free Download PDF Spectrum 8th Grade Science Workbook—Grade 8 State Standards, Physical, Life, Earth and Space Science, Research Activities With Answer Key for Homeschool or Classroom (176 pgs)

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Workbook Features:
• Ages 13-14, Grade 8
• 176 pages, 8 ½ inches x 10 ½ inches
• Covers Earth and space science, physical science, life science, and more
• Research extension activities, end of chapter reviews, mid-test, and final test
• Key word definitions and answer key included

Grade 8/Ages 13–14: The Spectrum 8th Grade Science Workbook helps your child cultivate a love for science by providing standards-based practice that captures their attention and helps them thrive in the subject.

Includes: This science workbook provides interesting informational text and fascinating facts about the nature of light, the detection of distant planets, and internal combustion engines. Answer keys are included to gauge skill mastery.

Comprehensive: Improves scientific literacy and inquiry skills with an exciting exploration of natural, Earth, life, and applied sciences with practice that introduces, reviews, and reinforces essential skills.

Working Together: Parents love using the workbook for added practice from home, and teachers love to incorporate it into hands-on lessons. Track student progress with tests and the answer key. Students use the key word definitions for added guidance.

Why Spectrum: For more than 20 years, Spectrum has provided solutions for parents and teachers who want to help their children get ahead and exceed learning goals. Spectrum supports your child’s educational journey every step of the way.

From the Publisher

3rd grade school girl lying in the grass with a backpack next to her full of school books3rd grade school girl lying in the grass with a backpack next to her full of school books

Workbook with description of what the book focuses onWorkbook with description of what the book focuses on

Inside pages of the workbookInside pages of the workbook

Overarching Spectrum brand message with two girls high-fivingOverarching Spectrum brand message with two girls high-fiving


Focused practice for math mastery

Focused practice for language arts mastery

Focused practice for geography mastery

Focused practice for math mastery

Focused practice for writing mastery

Focused practice for reading comprehension









Rational and irrational numbers, linear equations, Pythagorean Theorem, geometry in the coordinate plane, probability and statistics

Grammar and usage, parts of speech and sentence types, vocabulary acquisition and usage

Early human migration, world religions, current events, ecoregions, map skills

Equations and inequalities, functions and graphing, rational numbers

Writing a story, writing to inform, writing an argument, using the writing process

Fiction and non-fiction passages, story structure, integration of knowledge and ideas, key ideas and details

Publisher‏:‎Spectrum; Workbook edition (August 15, 2014)
Paperback‏:‎176 pages
Reading age‏:‎13 – 14 years
Grade level‏:‎8 and up
Item Weight‏:‎14.4 ounces
Dimensions‏:‎8.4 x 0.44 x 10.5 inches
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