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This defining period in world history is explored and explained as never before. World War II is captured in hundreds of compelling images, presenting the people, places, and politics involved in the epic conflict.

Inside this complete visual guide is chronological coverage of the lead up to war, major military battles around the globe, and the aftermath that still influences and impacts our world today. You’ll meet the key players in thought-provoking profiles and discover their experiences firsthand, from national leaders sounding the orders to combatants on the frontline and civilians left behind. Standout moments, including Pearl Harbor, Hiroshima, and the D-Day landings, are revealed in rarely seen color photographs and unforgettable eyewitness accounts.

Explosive photography, international maps, accessible text, and supporting timelines combine to show the most destructive event ever known in unprecedented depth and detail. Although the complexities of World War II can be hard to fathom, this standout reference is organized in a logical order and the supporting captions are concise and clear throughout to aid understanding.

World War II: The Definitive Visual Guide provides an unparalleled account of this devastating conflict so we never forget and continue to learn from the past.

From the Publisher

World War II

The Definitive Visual History

This edition is expanded with new pages of battlefield and memorial sites.

The story of the war is presented chronologically, with maps, timelines, and side panels to show major World War II events in their historical context.

Feature spreads highlight major military and political figures, as well as everyday life in the war and the discovery of Holocaust concentration camps. Gallery spreads show details of military uniforms, weapons, and other equipment. This ultimate visual resource is the authoritative history of World War II and its key figures, events, and places.

Table of Contents


The Seeds of War (1914-1939)

Europe Goes to War (1939)

Germany Triumphant (1940)

The Widening War (1941)

The Shifting Balance (1942)

The Allies Turn the Tide (1943)

Overwhelming Force (1944)

Refuge from the Blitz

When the Blitz began, tens of thousands of Londoners took to sleeping in Underground train stations.

The Battle for Iwo Jima

In February and March 1945, Iwo Jima—a volcanic Japanese island lying some 760 miles southeast of Tokyo—became the most bitterly contested spot on the planet.

Erwin Rommel, German General, 1891-1944

“Don’t fight a battle if you don’t gain anything by winning.”

Operation Market Garden

By mid-September 1944 overstretched supply lines had slowed the Allied advance across France and the Low Countries. Something had to break the growing impasse. Field Marshal Montgomery’s plan—to seize bridges over Dutch waterways and thrust into Germany—marked the beginning of a daring operation.

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